Monday, September 10, 2012

The Hands of Time

So, wow!  It's been awhile, huh??!!  I guess I've been better about keeping up with Zach and Twinkie's Facebook page than I have been a updating their blog.  Although, the info and pics I've posted on their Facebook page would most definitely amount to several blogs over the past few weeks.  With Miss Twinkie keeping me on my tippy-toes all day, everyday, updating their Facebook page has proven to be a little easier at the moment!

Zach and Twinkie hangin' at
Dunkin' while Ally's at dance.

The past 7 weeks since I've last blogged have gone by in the blink of an eye.  I can't even believe it's already September 10, and we've been home with Twinkie for just about 3 months.  It seems like we were just at 4 Paws training with her.  Time stands still for nothing, although, sometimes I wish it did so we could hold onto those precious times we don't ever want to see come to an having the 24 hour support of your trainers at 4 Paws.  I, without an ounce of shame, have tried talking Jeremy, Jennifer and Karen into coming to live with us for the next 6 to 12 months of Twinkie's puppy-hood.  I've offered to take in their families as well; being a home wrecker is so not my thing.  I've offered trips to NYC for Broadway shows and Rockefeller Center to see the magnificent Christmas tree.  They all just laughed not realizing just how serious I was.  :)   

Truthfully, there are times I wish time was standing still between June 5 and 15 while we were training at 4 Paws.  I'll always miss our 4 Paws peeps as they will forever hold a special place in our hearts, but training and getting through day-to-day life with your service dog is A LOT easier while you're there despite the fact you're drooling tired at the end of the day.   While you're training in Ohio, you're living in a completely unrealistic bubble.  Sure, you're dealing with training a brand new service dog and helping your child through the process, but it's just not reality at the end of the day.  It's definitely not easy, but it's definitely not reality.  Reality is so overrated these days...

"That's funny how you thought
you'd have time to read."
Jeremy always talks about the fact that things will indeed be different for you and you're SD when you get home.  He also reminds us many times over that it can take about one year...12 whole establish the bond and level of respect you need from your child's SD and for them to completely fall into place with your child.  Jeremy also reminds us not to give up and be patient.  Ah, patience.  Between Zachary and Twinkie, my patience meter is working over-time and constantly smoking these days!  LOL  The demands of life are different at home, so you're not only contending with the constant training of your SD, BUT you're also contending with life in general.  The phone rings, you get texts, you have other children, you have a husband, you have friends, you have school and work, you have Scouts and ballet, you have laundry and dinner, you still have a child with special needs AND, now, you have service dog.  Dear Lord!!??  A service dog??!!  When the hell did that happen??!!  Oh, that's right...when time was standing still in June.   The hands of time.  In the blink of an it.  (Whew!  I scared myself there for a moment.)

Between you and I....leaving that bubble of non-reality and time being uncooperative in that it does not stand still for you makes coming home with your SD exhausting....and frustrating at times....and brings you near tears at times.   Anybody who tells you that coming home with your SD is a walk in the park and has not experienced these emotions is still living in a bubble of non-reality!  (Although, I am a fan of non-reality at times.  I do like the sound of Private Citizen Kristy.)    Jeremy and I average a call approximately every 10 days.  I meant to call him last week after Twinkie pulled an oven stuffer off of the counter and helped herself to the leftovers (Yes, for real!) and ate a book I borrowed from a friend,  but it was the first week of school and time got away from me.  I do, however, have a call into him today; I have my list of concerns and questions at the ready.  The last time we spoke, Jeremy and I agreed that I have spoken to him more and for longer lengths of time in the past couple of months than I did the entire year we had Aubrey.  Talk about the hands of time being a funny thing.  Oh, Twinkie... 

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love know I do!  Now that she's home with us, I couldn't imagine our life without her.  Zachary couldn't imagine leaving the house without her.  She's brought Zachary a sense of peace while we're out that you wouldn't necessarily see, but Joe and I know it's there.  She's a shoulder to lean on at home that he looks for when he's had a rough go at it.  I love her for all of those things and more because I have such high hopes for Twinkie and Zach as they both continue to grow, learn and mature together.   I even love every bit of Twinkie's naughtiness although I was ready to sell her to the gypsies a week ago.  LOL  For as on-the-money as she is in public, she is still a puppy, and I need to constantly remind myself of when she's trying to eat one of my bra's from Victoria's Secret or Joe's Disney Visa Card.  

Our sweet girl, Aubrey.  xoxo

As I take deep breaths and navigate this first year with Twinkie,  I have to also remind myself that time truly stands still for nothing, and we could lose this precious, if not chaotic, time with her in the blink of an eye as we did with Aubrey.   

On we can never turn back the hands of time.  

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