Saturday, June 2, 2012

Miss Twinkie...THE CHARM

Meet Zachary's best-friend Twinkie!!  (He asked me a couple of days ago if Twinkie could be his best friend which was so sweet!)  Twinkie is a full-bred Golden Retriever; her mom Melody and dad Romeo are part of 4 Paws' breeding program.  Twinkie is part of the Snack Cake Litter born on June 3, 2011.  Isn't she the prettiest little thing??!!  :)  Several of her brothers and sisters are part of our class as well.  It's always fun to see pups from the same litter being trained and placed for service with other extraordinary kids!

Zachary has been very bouncy and a little emotional today.  He's trying really hard to keep his body and mind "organized" today, but he's got a lot to process and hasn't been all that successful at times.  It's been trying for us at times today.  He's still concerned that Elfie won't be here when we get back because she has to go live with God in Heaven since he's getting another new dog.   When he lost Aubrey last January, we told him that Elfie was his "new dog" because Aubrey had to go live with God in Heaven.  The most difficult part for me about hearing Zachary ask me this type of question is that he does not know that Elfie has the same kidney disease as Aubrey and will indeed go to Heaven and live with God sooner than later. Such big worries for such a little poor little guy.  The beauty of it all, though, is that the ups and downs that Zachary has experienced throughout the day today are the very reason he needs a best-friend like Twinkie.  

On the flip-side of his sadness and anxiety, he's super-excited to meet Twinkie and wanted to leave for Ohio 10 minutes sort of live in the here and now when you have ADHD.  LOL  We're excited to meet Twinkie, too, as we've already seen the positive impact a service dog has had on Zachary's day to day life.  He's already in love with her and talks about the things they'll do and the places they'll go together.  For as many challenges as Zachary may face, he has a keen sense of self-awareness and knows in his heart that Twinkie WILL be his best-friend and help him out on days like today.  What more could we ask for, right??

Chapter 3: THE Third Time

Welcome to Zachary and Twinkie's new blog, The Third Time's a Charm!  I honestly couldn't think of a more appropriate title to explain our story.  :)  We're so excited to meet Twinkie, a beautiful Golden Retriever, and have no doubt that she will impact Zachary's life in ways no one else ever could.   

We hope you'll follow our triumphs and challenges as we work and play for two weeks with Twinkie and the absolutely, positively AMAZING staff at 4 Paws for Ability in Xenia, Ohio.  You can subscribe to an email stream or become one of Twinkie's groupies by signing-up for our blog at the bottom of the home page.  

Be sure to comment on our daily posts so we know you're out there...we can't wait to hear from you while we're in Ohio!  Sometimes the going gets rough while you're training, so a little touch of home is always good for the soul.  :)  Thanks!  xoxoxo

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