Monday, July 9, 2012

50 Cent-s doesn't help our cause

July 8, 2012

Dear 50 Cent, 

Autism.  It's everywhere.  It's not going anywhere any time soon, and everyone is impacted by the affects of an Autism Spectrum Disorder in some way.  Too many families are impacted by this life-long disorder in which there is currently no cure.  Autism.  It's everywhere. 

The statistics of children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder are staggering; the most recent statistic from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is 1:88 children.  In New Jersey, specifically, the statics are even more significant.  1:49 children are affect by an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Even more startling than this, is that in New Jersey, 1:29 boys are affected as opposed to the 1:172 girls.   There's been a 78% total increase in prevalence comparing the 2012 study that looked at the data from children who were 8 years old in 2008 to the 2007 study that looked at the data from children who were 8 years old in 2002 data.  That's a 78% increase in just ten years.  Crazy.  These statistics were sited from Autism NJ.

Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder process the world around them in a most unique way and are often unable to appropriately manage the demands of their environment and communicate their needs.  Public schools are overwhelmed and unprepared to manage so many children with behavioral and performance needs as unique as those of a child with Autism.  Private, Out-of-District school programs like Eden Autism Services Eden Autism Services (NJ) have been inundated with requests for educational services and subsequently have waiting lists.  Parents are at a loss as how to best help their children at home, in school and while out in the community.  Many insurance companies now pay for related services to support children with Autism, but there is a significant shortage of highly-trained professionals to provide these services.   Autism.  It's everywhere. 

So what do we do?  We pray.  We pray that our children grow up in a world of acceptance and tolerance instead of ignorance.  We pray that we fight the fight hard enough to help our children succeed in this world and not fail miserably as parents and advocates.  We pray that we wake up with the unwaivering level of  determination that we need to help our children move forward instead of desperately longing for "normal"...whatever that is.  We pray that we can manage the demands of Autism, our marriage, our other children, family and friends instead of having a break-down. We pray that we never have to watch our children struggle another day of their life....


Zachary; 9 years-old; Autism

This, 50 Cent, is what Autism "looks" like.  
This, 50 Cent, IS Autism.  

Kristy, Zachary's mom

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